Monday, August 15, 2011

The final Understanding (

That's it, yes. 
This post if for ionut to give him a taste of Advaita. 


ionut said...

First of all i would like to tell you that i am somehow disappointed in your answer .Since you posted this vid i believe you share this man's ideas and i do not believe this man is enlightened as he states he is.However i have never seen one in my life and even if i would i couldn't tell the difference,so i might be wrong but i just feel i am not.I will call u Maya Ursula from now on...and if Ramesh is right then what is left for the human being is love might be the only answer i guess ... it's the only way we can fly!

Ursula said...

This post was not a substitute for a personal post. My intention was by far not to disappoint you, but to bring you in a proper mood, I wanted to make you curious. However.

I see from your comment that you've read about the topic Advaita, "enlightenment", you're not a novice.

All is an illusion. Consciousness is all there is.

エスタ said...

Think I may have seen an enlightened women, I felt a touch to my heart when I walked in. But what got me was exactly as this man said, there was something about her, but she was so bitchy! I came out with the feeling that we have a basic blue print we have to accept and live with. x

Ursula said... accept our blueprint is easier when we've understood that we're not responsible for it. We've not created our genes, nor had we influence on our conditioning. It happened.

ionut said...

Oh i am a novice in yoga and this kind of stuff believe me ... i am not disappointed really ... i just wanted to hear from you how great yoga is and how it helped u evolve spiritually.
Much love from your gipsy follower from Romania!
Tell Maya Ursula i still do!