Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Daily is important....

Yesterday I read some tips on how to improve taking pictures. Shoot daily, I read. This is so true for everything that one likes to improve. Not every picture will be exciting. Not every yoga practice will be strong and focused. Not every cooked meal will taste good.  Not every blog post will inspire to go on reading. I know this very well.

Sometimes I get astonished, what starts lousy can become most beautiful and the other way round, too. Re pictures that don't convince me my bf uses to say: wait 10 years and then you'll like it.

Whatever one likes to improve, one is well advised to do it daily. There might be some more factors, too that improves a skill. Being sloppy with anything will not do so much. (Not much is more than nothing.)

Also today I'll step on my mat, curious what will happen, curious how much energy I'll have available today.

My focus lately moved again to enjoy the practice and not to accomplish (greedily) an asana. Repetition, staying longer in a an asana, staying optimistic are the secrets to move something. If a practice hurts it's likely that one loses interest in it. My overstretched leg and it hurts now for almost a year gave me this lesson. I will be much more careful in the future. I could have avoided this injury. The wish to be able to do the side splits was too bgt. Quickly I wanted to be able to do it and I must have been too aggressive. I file this under fine-tuning of my practice. Slow and steady is my way. Enjoying the practice became again more important than being goal-oriented.

Time to move on. So much is on my list.........

Oh, and thanks for this beautiful picture that is a gift from M. 


MissBliss said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog; we have it featured on our blog sidebar.

I love your yoga pictures! Very inspiring.


Ursula said...

Thanky you very much for reading and linking.....:)


PS: much success for your blog and book.

MissBliss said...

Hi, Ursula,

Thank you, I am not the author, it's a special book I wanted to share :).

My husband started our blog and I took it over... such a creative outlet.

xo xo from Miami Beach, FL,

Ursula said...

:), oh, it seemed that I read a bit too fast.

To blog is so inspiring. It's such an enrichment for the world that we all can publish our word, pictures and also banalities....:)


denise said...

Always nice to read you! I agree with you: daily is the most important thing on the practice. i can feel it on myself now that I'm having a really daily practice by myself. it is so nice!!