Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Half an hour ago all my challenges disappeared. How can I have a challenge when I'm lived, when I'm "only" the instrument and not the player?

Currently I'm reading the book by Chaitanya S. Balsekar "Dream of consciousness". Chaitanya is the brother of Ramesh Balsekar and he shares with this brother the deep understanding of Advaita. The book can be ordered here: https://advaita.3dcartstores.com/search.asp?keyword=Dream+of+consciousness&search=GO. (For the time being blogger does not allow to link to a word).

The thought "no challenges anymore" appeared in my consciousness and lightness was felt.

Things happen or don't happen, what can "I" do?

I quote from the above mentioned book, page 163: " Life is not a challenge to be faced, but a mystery to be enjoyed as it unfolds moment by moment. Life has no purpose. Life is its own purpose, meaning 'living' is the purpose of life.


The next morning:
I sip coffee. For me it does not work to prepare posts and publish them at a later time. At a later time I want to write something else already. I've new pictures, new thoughts.I'm also too critical towards my texts and want to correct them, but then I spend even more time with my blog, what I don't want. Yoga and blogging became a monster that devours all my time. It needs to be tamed.
I learned that it's better not to publish too often, this shoos reader away.
Nevertheless today comes another post, not only one. In the second series comes another asana with legs behind head. I want to write about this, too and this was it then for a while with these sort of asanas. Taking pictures of eka pada sirsasana taught me again how helpful it can be to repeat the asanas again and again. Each time when I had to repeat it, I got better.

Repetition is an open secret, if one wants to improve anything.


ionut said...

Life has no purpose?! interesting concept ... however i doubt that , i doubt that we should only "live" , i believe we are here to learn from people like Ursula !
Amin! :)

Ursula said...

You made me smile twice this morning. Yep, I'm 52 and it's a good age. :)

Yes, Advaita, that's it. Not so many people are open to the idea that they are not the doer, that they are lived. We're the flute not the player of the flute. I don't want to preach. If you got interested read the book by Ramesh Balsekar: who cares.

Have a good day. Ursula

ionut said...

If we're the flute and and not the player of the flute then things can get complicated if you get to think about it ... who is really the player? i mean , are we a simple avatar? is a superior being the player?

ionut said...

And u being 52 and being able to do all this advanced stuff with your body is all genes , u have good genes inherited from your parents , this is the explanation ...plus a good dose of will!

Ursula said...

Hi ionut,

Your second comment already answers your first.
Our genes our conditioning, impulses from outside, thoughts that arise play with "us". Some call it source, nothing superiour.

Yeah I'm lucky with my genes, my grandma died at the age of 103 and she has never ever done a sun salutation, she survived 2 world wars with bad nourishment and surly also hunger.

I'm curious what surprises life has still for me. I'm ready to experience.

Have a good day. U.

ionut said...

If your grandma died at the age of 103 i am sure you've got your good genes from her and yes , certainly they went through a harsh live in those days ... the war , the hunger.That may be a conditioning also , it might be that a good prosper life is not always a direct cause of longevity.I mean if the human being is always comfortable and not going through crisis situations confronting with the reality and making the body and mind adjust to different situations our system will get lazy and it will eventually get broken.I am not saying that living good is not right but some stress is always welcomed.
It's the same with your asanas... you keep your body and your mind fit , you don't let them rust.
That being said I am sure life has lots for you to offer.hey,you are only half way of the journey!remember grandma? :))
Btw, i am 32 and can't do the stuff that you do , i am looking for a way to stretch my hamstrings and improve my position as i have some kyphosis problems.
Have a good day Lady Bear! :))

Ursula said...

On my 50th birthday I used to say: Half of this fun is over. This provoked some people to say: you're optimistic. Yes, I am.

I'm stiff by nature. Let me give you some hope despite your kyphosis. Exercise daily and you'll progress.

I enjoyed your verbal tenderness.
I love to live, I feel very lively. Where is the next horse to ride, I wonder again and again.

A bear hug for you. :)

ionut said...

Good morning and thank u!
I needed that ...

Ursula said...

Good morning...:)

Have a relaxed day.

ionut said...

"Repetition is an open secret"
An open secret is not a secret anymore , then the repetition is not repetition anymore , it becomes divine , it becomes Ursula ...
Amin ! :)