Friday, August 26, 2011

An afternoon on the mat

I spent my afternoon on the mat yesterday. An intensive practice happened. I even filmed a bit. This opens my eyes, always. The poses feel so much more advanced as they look on pictures. Nothing helps me more but my own pictures and movies.

In sum I had a satisfying practice. I reached my limits, that is what counts.
The spectators are the 12th men in soccer, in Ashtanga yoga it's the weather that helps. My body is so much softer in summer than in winter.

Tomorrow I'll practice primary again. Focus will be urdhva dhanurasana. My hands must walk much closer to the feet. As it is now an upcoming without help is impossible. I don't care  anymore so much if this will be possible one day or not, nevertheless I give energy to this pose when I exercise. Repetition and focus shall help. lol. And patience.

The next morning: I can go to a Mysore class. This is pure luxury. We're such a nice group of committed practitioners. And I'm so happy with the urdhva dhanurasana adjustments.

My days start perfectly with my Ashtanga yoga practice. 

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