Friday, July 08, 2011

Who said that primary is boring?????

Bhuja pidasana: I almost broke my beautiful nose when I wanted to get out of this asana. It needs experimenting how to do this. The picture proves it, it's possible to bring the chin to the floor and not "only" the front. It's possible for me to swing the feet through the hand without touching the floor. Not today. I only wanted to leave that pose safely, without any damage.

Supta kurmasana: A dream became true. I can go into this pose via dwi pada sirsasana in less than 40 sec.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I need tiny goals to stay motivated. Feet and hands shall be on the mat, not a bit of them shall touch the carpet.
And I'll build a pedestal of carpets so that I can try to come up from a much higher position (Hands in high places, hahaha). Hopefully I can make the pedestal lower and lower every week or so till I can come up from the floor.
I use a strap at home. This helps to keep the legs parallel. These back bending asanas are about opening the front last but not least.

Pictures don't lie. They so help me to adjust myself.

Ah, Ashtanga yoga. I'd desperate if I hadn't my daily dose of asanas and breathing and gazing towards a point.
Ah, it feels so good.


laura said...

Your sutra k is so beautiful!

laura said...

Supta K-stupid auto correct needs to learn some Sanskrit

Ursula said...

Thanks Laura,
Sutra K is very good. :)

What you see is the body work of years. A big thank you to all the teachers who adjusted me in supta k again and again.

today - said...

Like you takes time to get to this point - perseverance and focus.

Ursula said...

In my case it was not an overnight success.

Sunny days said...

Very Professional!!