Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Supta vajrasana - an asana that requires a partner

After kapotasana follows supta vajrasana. This pose usually requires a partner who gives support.

When I'm at home I remain in the position that can be seen in the picture. It's a very soft back bending and after kapotasana it feels like relaxation.

It's an asana with a dynamic phase and a static phase, with 15 breath it lasts relatively long. We usually help each other in classes. A yogi/yogini hold the knee on the floor, holding hands allows to arch backwards till the head touches the floor. It also is support to come up again.
I start loving this. Firstly one has to be a bit attentive in class for the needs of the other yogis and yoginis. It's not only me me me and myself, but also you you you. It's possible to give something back, a bit of support. If one has practiced up to supta vajrasana one has got so many adjustments already, it feels good to give a tiny bit of attention back.

Getting help from different yogis/yoginis has another interesting aspect. It's good to engage in the moment. The mind tends to compare. One might think that one wants to get exactly the same perfect adjustment as the teacher uses to give. Perhaps one thinks also so because everything new is a bit frightening. But thinking that way spoils the play with another yogi/yogini. One can learn to engage with a new situation, one can learn to engage with a person that helps, if one does not compare. Since I do this I enjoy the variety of adjustments that I get here. All are perfect, but different. I got very strong adjustments, other adjustments allowed me to do the job on my own. One yogi gives me impulses to come up, another yogini adjusted her breath to mine. Some yogis/yoginis press their fee against the feet, others hold the knees down. Not one adjustment is like the other, what an adventure, what a nice play.

Supta vajrasana is a pose where one can learn to enjoy the moment, the variety of life and people. One can learn to accept and to enjoy what is offered. One should consider that a yogi/yogini interupts the own practice in order to help, isn't that lovely?
To give and to give back, to help and to get helped are aspects of this asana.

Brrhhhh was I tired today. I slept so deeply. This didn't allow me to think much and I woke up recovered.
I feel so much better now. So much is on my desk, I think to stay cool is the best, one task after the other, breath by breath.


Ahu said...

nice way to introduce supta vajrasana :) I tuck one of my knees under the heater to be able to do it on my own...

Ursula said...

This is a possibility. I tried this in the shala, too, but it hurts. A good yogini you are....