Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Shalabasana A and B

Dristi is the nose. To squint is not necessary. It's looking towards the nose. It's very seductive to look upwards when moving the chest upwards and backwards, but dristi is the nose. Looking towards the nose makes it more unlikely that one frowns the front.

M suggested to lift the knees first while the feet are still on the floor before lifting the legs. This makes a difference. It helps to keep the legs straight.

It feels as if this pose strengthens the back. It's the pose that I recommend if someone suffers from back pain.

This pose prepares me for what is coming...........all the deep deep back bending asanas. Still it's relaxing, I think. I try not to cheat and to hold it for 5 deep breaths. It's one of the asanas everybody can perform without any prop. How nice.

Shoulders and ears are far away from each other.

Time to move on here, it seems to become a prolific day.

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