Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second series today.....

As I've not filmed myself practicing laghu vajrasana I chat about the breath again, because the breath has so many aspects:

- Between inhaling and exhaling is always a pause. My pranayama teacher in India told me: Don't blend the different movements. The breath especially this pause can help to follow this suggestion.

- Listening to the breath calms the mind. When I listen to the breath as if it's music it's not possible to listen to the inner talks and thoughts at the same time. Jobs, relationships, duties, everything fades away. The breath is in the foreground. This is in my opinion one aspect why Asthanga yoga is so relaxing. During the practice nothing else is important but the practice itself. The senses have tasks that occupy them. The eyes have to gaze in a direction, the ears have to listen to the breath.

- Focusing on the breath is a concentration exercise.

- My practice becomes easier mentally when I focus on the breath instead of thinking of the next asana. The next breath is always possible, but is it possible to do kapotasana i.e. The movement follows the breath. It's good to remind oneself again and again.

In daily life I have a better concentration when I say: OK, now I work intensively for 25 min only. Then I take a break and then I start again for 25 min. I use a timer for this, my pomodoro.

My current breathing challenge is to deepen the breath when I'm in a back bending position. 

Today I sweated again, so much that I considered again to take a blanket to the shala. My feet slided away, my arms slided away.

How I love my daily yoga dose.
Tomorrow primary.........

Picture: Me with cherry earrings listening to the rain.


Jen said...

A lovely post..

Ursula said...

Thanks Jen.