Friday, July 22, 2011

Primary today

After the yoga session this morning I walked home from main station. It rained, the leaves of the trees served as an umbrella from time to time. I didn't care that I got wet when I was not protected by the trees. I was so happy that I can do this daily yoga practice. Today it was primary that has improved so much, also the concentration and the focus on the even breath has improved.

I want to keep that life style. I want to dedicate half of my days to the yoga practices.

Very motivated I wrote another chapter of my book this afternoon. Shall this enterprise finally be successful. :) I should write: Shall I finally bring this enterprise to an end. I'm approaching to a first milestone, for sure.

Tomorrow we'll be on the road again. We're invited to a wedding. I'd so love to put on a skirt or dress, but the weather is so lousy; I'll make a decision tomorrow. I'm a practical type, I don't want to feel cold.

Yoga: my bf sits on my yoga place and I don't want to shoo him away, hahaha. Taking pictures of my twists will happen in Austria where we'll stay a week. Everybody loves twists and two of them come after bakasana.

I must still get better in organizing my life. The feeling that I've no time is still present much too often. I want to accomplish more than I actually accomplish. Perhaps most people feel so these days where we've too many distractions. Yoga is time-consuming. I feel this time is best spent. I wished I'd feel super-refreshed afterwards, I feel excellent, but I also feel like bathing and relaxing on the bed. I start understanding why practicing yoga can become a full time job. But this I don't want. There is the need to work on being self-disciplined and being better organised, so that other activities can happen, too. Yep, I clearly see this.

Don't talk that you're tired I read somewhere, this is boring for everybody. But so it is now. I feel like lying on my bed reading a book. I'm even too lazy to take a bath...........who cares????

I also start understanding why it's recommended to have a simple life, not so many possessions. This allows to have time for yoga practices. 

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