Sunday, July 10, 2011

Primary today again......

Prasaritta padottanasana C: I learned via my pictures that my feet can be closer together. This pose aims to enlarge the movements of the hips and shoulders. Gravity supports this and the arms serve as a lever. The back is supposed to be straight. I see clearly that this pose needs attention.

Upavishta konasana is a similar pose, only that I sit on the floor here. For me it's important to keep the back straight. The forward movement comes from the hips. The chin shall reach the floor, not the front. I consider to put a block under my heels. To repeat this pose and to hold it longer than 5 breaths might help, too. I was overstretched in the last months. My left leg still hurts when I stretch forward. I pushed too hard and this brought me a setback, a painful one. To be patient is always a good advice. Daily practice will bring success.

Kurmasana: This pose was painful, too during the last months. My experience is that it's best to go on with a daily practice also when it might be painful. Here too, I consider to use blocks under my heels to improve this pose. It helps to lift the legs when the feet are pointed. The leg muscles role inwardly.

I'll go to a led class this afternoon.
No extra breaths and extra exercises will be done in a led class. I'll focus on the correct vinyasa count and the jumping forward and backward (without touching the floor with the feet). I need more strength for this (and another black coffee now to wake up......).

Making my life easier was the motto of the day yesterday. Pots and pans and bowls had to go. There are still too many in my cupboards. Each redundant thing that leaves my villa motley brings me relief. Also my neighbors have too many things. A backyard sale took place yesterday.

A simple salad nourished us yesterday. Making life simpler in all areas is worth the effort. 

Simplicity is beautiful. 


Jen said...

I'm just starting ashtanga yoga and find your blog very inspirational!

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading.
Much fun on your Ashtanga yoga path. Be entertained.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea is so freeing to let go and just keep what is necessary.

Energy flows better this way.

Ursula said...

It's a process. It's always relieving when I let go.

Have a good week.

Maria Alejandra =D said...

really liked this post