Saturday, July 16, 2011

Laghu vajrasana with strap and block

In the background you can hear my neighbours, not my breath, hahahaha.

My regular readers might have realized it. I go through the poses of the middle part of the second series. I arrived at laghu vajrasana. 

Laghu vajrasana is a pose where the vinyasa is minimum equally important than the pose itself. It's important to go down with one breath, controlled. And one shall be able to come up again. Oh!!!!!!!

This is not so easy and I'm glad that my teacher M showed me steps how I can  approach that goal. 
So far I'm able to come up when I've the block under my head. I even can remain there for several breaths and I can come up afterwards. 
It's also possible to get down to the floor and to come up at once. But this is not how it is supposed to be. Five long breaths one shall be in the position before one comes out of it. This is a long time, and it's so hard to come up. OMG. I feel heavy after 5 breaths, no movement is possible anymore then.

With tiny steps I try to approach this challenge. 

I just realized that when I repeat stretching exercises it gets easier each time I repeat it. 
When I do exercises that require strength it gets worse each time I repeat it. Nevertheless to repeat it is what needs to be done to get stronger. 

To come up from laghu vajrasana  is important. One has to come up from kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana, too. Laghu vajrasana is more modest, nevertheless a challenge. I fight for years now to come up. Hahahaha, years!!!!

Patience is needed. 
This pose reminds me to be content. 

The next steps? 
It can be an idea to get down to the floor and to come up at once and to repeat it.
Perhaps I can fold a blanket that is a bit lower than my block. 
Repetion, repetition, repetition.........might help as well...........and optimism......hahahaha.......

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