Monday, July 04, 2011


....or where went all the time.

First the very good news: Kino MacGregor has a Youtube channel. Her videos are so informative, I'm learning a lot from her. I absolutely agree with Grimmly: Home practice was never easier with such help that is available these times.

After an excellent led class on Sunday evening, I had a lousy practice this morning.

Excellent was that I could go from dwi pada sirsasana to supta kurmasana in that short time that was available. In the evening the body is softer. For sure.

A night only between too challenging practices is a bit short. It feels so. I needed a lot of willpower today simply to go on.

Krounchasana is the second asana of the middle part of the second series: I wonder how to improve this pose. Chin is supposed to be on the shin.
I will try 2 things the next time:
- to lean against a wall
- to come up from tiriang mukkha eka pada paschimottanasana.

Repetition and holding this asana longer than 5 breaths might also help, as usual.

Enough for today......


Anonymous said...

Today was my off day. This asana is one that I have yet to master.

Enjoy your day.

Ursula said...


Have a great day, too.