Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kapotasana again.....

There are a lot of possibilities to approach this pose. I took a step backwards. My elbows drifted apart, too far when my hands hit the floor.
Kapotasana shall lengthens the front and it shall make the back flexible. This is the goal and not to grap the toes somehow with knees wide apart and elbows wide apart, too. Reaching the toes will happen easier when the back is open. I try to stay in the back bending positions like the one  in the first picture. I focus on the breath. Then I go deeper a tiny bit and a bit closer with the legs. I've seen yoginis where the hips were far in front of the knees. This seems to be allowed and even good. Doing this soft exercise allows me to relax and that way I can go deeper in the asana. Nothing can be forced. It shall remain fun. I've nothing to prove.

This is another possibility to become flexible in the upper chest. This pose feels good, too. My hands are in prayer position behind the back.

I try to get better via repetition, focusing on the breath (deep deep inhaling) and staying longer in a back bending exercise. This is challenging enough.

In classes I enjoy the adjustments. Always. What luxury.

One must face the facts. In daily life we scarcely bend backwards.
It feels good to do it, but one must get used to it, again and again.

As mentioned already in another post, kapotasana is a long-term project. It might take 5 years till it looks elegeantly and till the hands hold the verses.
Yoga is also exercising the mind. Staying cool, being patient, being optimistic and content is the exercise for the mind.

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