Thursday, July 28, 2011

I woke up...

I woke up and I suddenly realized: It's Thursday, it's the day I practice primary usually. Only primary. I jubilated. What a relief. This seemed doable. I got up, rolled out my mat and started with sun salutations. Yep I practiced each and every asana and I also did the vinyasas. No asana without vinyasa. It was again a practice that was hard. Sometimes the body feels like embittered. My left hamstring is still overstretched. Sometimes it feels as if my heart is on the back of my leg. It pulsates there and believe me, I know better feelings.

I don't ask, why it is sometimes hard.

The question is, does it make sense to switch to a more modest practice when it's so hard. I know how easy it is to cheat oneself. So much was possible today. I would have been far under my possibilities if I had done something soft. In order to stay motivated it might be good to do less than on good days. I think it shall be allowed without feeling lousy to take it easy from time to time and to do a modified practice.

What is a nice modified practice?
I think the following questions might help:
1. Have I done a warm up for my blood circulation and to avoid injuries?
2. Have I done a few standing asanas?
3. In the middle part it can be enough to do the different types of asanas: forward bending, back bending, balancing poses seperated by twists.
4. A short closing sequence, consisting of salamba sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana, sirsasana and padmasana will do.
5. Relexation.

The moon sequence by Matthew Sweeney is of course also a wonderful softer practice than one of the Ashtanga series.

In sum a modified practice may last 45 min. A shorter practice equals less exhausting practice. Why not.
This is also flexibility to change the practice from time to time.

Tomorrow is primary day again. I miss my luxury mat. The one I've here is light, but not good. It stops me when I want to jump forward. This might also be an exercise to stay flexible and to be content with what is. How happy will I be when I'll dance again at home on my black luxury thing.

My practice was lousy, but I feel so good now. I know that it will be easier to step on the mat tomorrow, because I practiced this afternoon.

Google+ still keeps me busy. I'll write about my experiences with this new platform in my next posts.

Picture is taken in the Indian restaurant where I had my first meal here. 


denise said...

I think it's nice and healthy be open mind and hear our bodies, in this case do to a not so strong practice is very good for you. Anyway, on my little yoga experience, I guess the most important is do something, a lite practice is ok.

Yoga Bee said...

being open to what is without judging yourself or your practice is the yoga practice within the practice. Each day is different, especially when traveling or in new situations. This is perfectly ok. This is life.

Ursula said...

Thank you denise and thank you yoga bee.
It's so incredible how difficult it can be sometimes. I don't know myself then, but it is obviously so, that on some days not much is possible.

Good days for you.