Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google+ versus Facebook

The yogis and yoginis don't live in caves and forests anymore. Many are connected via social media platforms. Here they exchange ideas, videos, literature, pictures, what they eat and drink, their likes and dislikes and banalities. The yogini/yogi of today has a flexible mind in a flexible body. A new social platform is in the make: GOOGLE +.

I wanted to get to know google + (modern yogini I am and I like people). It's supposed to be the competition to Facebook. And it is. So far it's in the test phase. One needs an invitation from someone who is on that platform already if one wants to use this social networking software. One of my fb-friends added me, hahahaha.........but soon I realized a lot of my yogini/yogi-friends are on Google+ already.

What is better at google+:

1. The pictures are larger when they are uploaded when they can be seen on the scream (wall).

2. What I write now is a more important item. Persons that I add I add to circles (friends, relatives, yoginis, only following) right from the beginning on.No friendship-request is required. One can add as much people and circles as one wants. It's possible to add a person to more than one circle. Interesting is and this is different to Facebook, that the people don't see in which circle they are. :) This is important. Look: We all have likes and dislikes. I don't consider everybody as a friend who is a Facebook friend, no matter if I've seen this person in real life or not.  Do I really want to tell to somebody that he/she is only an acquintance for me? No I don't. I don't like to reject people, I don't want to be impolite. The consequence is that all my Facebook-adds are under one list: friends. When I share private information, everybody gets it. I don't like this. Strangers, people I don't feel so close, people who only want to be a friend with me because they want to sell me anything, all get my private info. It's possible on Facebook to filter, but fact is I don't do it, as it's too complicated.
On Google each time when I publish something I decide for which circle it shall be seen. It's easy to select all circles. It's also easy to make the post available for all people in the web. But I can also decide that a post is for friends only or yogis and not for those voyeurs and salespeople who cannot even say "hi" when they want me to add them.

3. It's easy to view the info of those circles I'm interested in. This helps not to miss what my true friends tell, feel or  do.

4. What annoys me at Facebook i.e. is how people want to be friends with me. They send a request and expect me to add them and I don't even know them. Many do not say hello, or anything, they even have a fake name. They want to go through all my private pictures without saying one single word to me. This is insolent. This is bad manners. I add people whom I don't know when I think they are nice (profile picture, common friends, common interests, but this needn't to say much). Most of the time I send a few polite words. Some don't even answer to such a friendly email. I want to be generous and I love to talk to new people. But if they don't talk it makes no sense to have them in my fb-list. Once I've added someone I rarely delete (but even this had to be several times). Idon't collect people like stamps. Networking, being interested in people in general is something else, but adding as much people as possible to Facebook. It's not necessary to be in contact all the time, but a bit of communication is nice, I think. What happened: I have fb-friends, I don't like their approach, I don't know them and they get all my private information. Grgghhhh.
Google + has found a solution for this. One can add people without asking and waiting for approval. I can do the same if someone added me.This saves a hello-ceremony which I expect on Facebook, it's true. This is a bit like on twitter. I move this added person to a circle. If a communication starts with this first unknown person, I move him/her to friends. The word friends is quickly used in English language. For my special and beloved friends I've created another circle "mon entourage".  This does not mean that I don't love the others, hahaha. With my few true friends the really hot stuff is exchanged. Just a joke, hahahaha. Google+ allows me to add a person that added me to be polite, bu to forward onle the information I like to. It's easy to filter, as any person is in a circle already right from the beginning.  If the contact becomes more intensive I can move this person to another circle.

5. The hang-out function is great on google+, even better as on google-mail. Facebook saves all my conversations. I've to delete them one by one. It's so time-consuming. Fact is I try to avoid using Facebook for chatting.

6. Google + allows me to be friendly. I don't have to reject someone who wants to be connected with me.I can even add this person to be polite. If this person is not really a friend he/she will be in a circle with whom I don't share so much information. That's a perfect solution.

7. Yogi/yogini celebrities: Not everybody of these famous yogi/yoginis have a fan-page. If one wants to get info from these yogis/yoginis one must be a friend. Some of these celebrities are a bit naive. They don't know that they are only allowed to have 5000 friends.This is sometimes reached very quickly Sooner or later they start with a fan-page. Then they have 2 pages to handle and to feed. My experience is, it's better to separate business from private affairs. Often it's a bit boring to be a friend of such a celebrity as they post nothing but workshops. Friends and myself, too, use the number of friends of this person to post on their walls to draw the attention to the own website/blog.That's it what I see on many walls of  "celebrities".  I don't need to be a friend with someone whom I find great and whom's work I admire. At google+ I have the possibility to put such a person to the circle "following only". Why shall I present my private life to someone who shows almost nothing of himself/herself.

We all have to handle more people nowadays that we thought. This can become a challenge.

Definition of the word friend: In German language the word friend is used differently than in English. A friend in German language is really someone I can rely on.
I only want to use the English word "friends" when I've exchanged at least a "hello". People who collect face-book-adds like stamps are no friends. This can change of course, one can become a friend of a stranger......hahahaha, nothing is stable.

8. Another issue on facebook is the deletion of friends. Several times I had to delete people. If I told you why I deleted those people you would understand. I was deleted by people, too. No matter if I delete or get deleted this creates emotions. Google+ has a more elegant solution for this. It's possible to move people to unimportant circles. The adding is easy, the deleting is also easy.

These are my first impressions. I might change my opinion. It's for me also a learning phase how to use this new platform.

I'm curious how I filter my posts. My blog posts will be available on the web. How will I filter when I want to post that I need a second cup of coffee? Will all my circles get this info or only my friends? Poor friends, lol.

My wishes to social media platforms:
I want to stay in touch with friends around the globe.
I love to get information on topics I'm interested in but I don't want to get this info from official papers only.
I love to get to know new people.

This post should remain a draft, but a friend asked me to publish it. Feel free to discuss.


Claudia said...

I am not quite sure what to make of Google Plus yet either, I do like that it is so open, and so I do not need to give an entry for people to follow, kind of like Twitter... And I like that I get to share with people I would have not been able to share with at Facebook...

Kristi said...

So far I agree with you! I'm not sure how Google+ will evolve, but I do like the "circles" approach.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Ursula, you are educating and enlightening me. I had not even heard of google+
I agree with all you have said. I often censor what I write on fb as I know my "relatives" are reading.. haha.. Although I have decided to live my life as an open book, pretty much. The world of Yoga is so foreign to many of my fb "friends", but they are learning a bit about it. All said, I love the social networking world, blogs, facebook, which is so ironic since I am also working on going inward more through meditation...

denise said...

Hi Ursula, very interesting Google+, I did not know it.

Tracy said...

Lucky girl to have gotten an invite ;~)

Scorpio Yogini said...

Thanks for this post, Ursula! I was very excited when I heard about Google+ but had no idea what I'm supposed to do with it. :-) It looks promising and I'm sure it'll get more interesting when more people join in. :-)

Anonymous said...

You've done a great job of explaining the ins and outs of Google+, Ursula. Even though I'm feeling a bit of social media drain lately, I'll probably give this a try at some point.
Hope you're having a great summer, ...peace, Mary:)