Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A day off

A day off means of course a day off from yoga.
Sometimes it's much more relaxing to do the things that are on the desk for months than to bend forward and backward and to stand on my head or forearms. It can be such a relief when finally all the papers are filed, bills are paid and whatever is on the desk. I don't want to mention the taxes. This afternoon it will be done. Sigh. Most of it is already prepared. Perhaps I can even mail it today.
And then, when 80% of these duties are done, I know it, I'll feel as if I've done primary and second series in a row. I'll feel so excellent.

I make resolutions, I even swear by whatever is holy to me that I'll stick to them - from now on. Tasks that last 5 min or less must be done at once. These tiny tasks can become such a burden. Today is my desk day. What a glorious decision, what an excellent idea.

Time, room, silence are the words that I combine with luxury.

Time for a cappuccino outside before going on.


Arturo said...

Dear Ursula
The picture makes me think of Rapunzel. haha.

Ursula said...

This is a nice fantasy.