Monday, July 18, 2011


Being able to practice kapotasana is comparable with building an airport. It's a project that can last years. There is no hurry. In my case I'd say it will last 4 more years till it has a nice form. This is a long time. Not each week progress can be felt or seen. Sometimes the pose becomes worse and more difficult to perform. This is so for the time being.
Simply doing it, experiencing the boundaries and to forget the goal is a possible approach.
Patience can be exercised.
It's part of Ashtanga yoga to work on asanas that are challenging.
Repetition is a secret to learn the poses that seem to be impossible first for an individual. I'm convinced that it's not enough to do a pose that one wants to learn only one time and then to move on to the next pose. When I practice at home I do my back bending efforts again and again. Focusing on the breath and not to worry too much makes the enterprise a bit easier.
Kapotasana drives me crazy again and again. I think more must be possible, but more is not possible I see this and I know it's my best what I give at a given day. My mental limits and my limits given by my body are reached (fast) and it seems I cannot push them, not a tiny bit.

Performing a pose has so many aspect. It's the body work itself, but also the correct breathing and the attitude. Not being able to do this pose quickly, strengthens the mind. One becomes stronger mentally. Shall this console me that it hurts when I do this pose and that it develops so very incredible slowly.

The flower on the picture above grew on my balcony. One day I discovered them. Out of nothing something beautiful was created. Sometimes this is so. I fear my kapotasana needs a bit more attention....:)

This pose deserves more than 1 post. Tomorrow more.

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