Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I don't know anymore where I've heard or read it, but it went like that: When you get the fingers on the floor in bhekasana, you're ready for the next poses. :)

This is not so important. It's just gossip in the community. There is not such thing like "finger to floor poses". There are back bending asanas, forward bending asanas, twists, inversions, balancing poses and sometimes a combination of those.

Bhekasana is a back bending asana. M uses to tell me "press the feet against the hands. This is exactly the opposite direction, it's away from the floor. Important is to bring the chest backwards and backwards. Having the hands on the feet serves as a support.
This pose is easier when the knees are further away from each other.
The upper arms are supposed to be parallel!

Do I really hold this pose for 5 breaths? I'll take care of this the next time. This is today. lol.

(Of course I can be wrong!)

Mysore class today, I'm so looking forward to it. In August and September we've summer break here. Discipline is required then. Till then I'll profit from the energy of a group.


Morgana said...

Hi! I've just read your posts about yoga. I've just approached yoga, trying to understand how it can work and found out it is a revolution of my lifestyle. It's very interesting what you write and, in case of suggestions for beginners, just write me.

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading, Morgana. I'm sure you'll find a lot of inspiration. I'm a beginner, too and I've a faible for the basics.

There is also a search function on my blog that can help you to find the topics you like to read about.

Much fun with yoga.