Monday, July 25, 2011

Bharadvajasana - a twist.....

Most people like the twists as they feel so good. The spine is twisted. To be able to turn around is very useful off the mat, too, i.e when driving a car. Not only the spine enlarges the possibility to move, the hips are challenged, too.

During a yoga practice the twists neutralize the body. In second series they come after the the crazy back bending asanas and a softer balancing pose, bakasana.

I relax in the twists. I stay so long in those asanas that follow the back bending asanas till I feel fit again to move on. This can take some time. I need to be fully recovered for what will come, I know this.

Important is to lengthen the body before turning the body around. Inhaling means stretching, exhaling means going into the pose. Dristi is the side and not downwards. This helps to keep the body upright.

One has to play around with the pose in order to find a good hand position. Those with very long arms might have the hand rather under the knee. I push my hands under my thigh almost in the middle of the upper leg.
Knees are relatively close together.
Shoulders are down, they move forward and backward, but not upwards.

I'm so glad that I managed  to practice at least up to the twist today. It was hard. After two days of doing nothing but sitting either in the car or on a chair and eating and drinking, my body was stiff like never. I don't think that I've gained weight, pashasana was possible. Each movement was hard.

I gave up after the twists. I needed new pictures for my blog, but after having taken the pictures (again and again) and checking them and manipulating them, the body was cold again and all my work to make my body a bit more flexible was like undone. I stopped and plan another practice tonight as I'll be alone. This is a good idea.

I'm in Austria and I want to explore this little town. It shall have a lot of baroque buildings. I'll walk around till I'll have found a café where I can read and write.

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