Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bhakasana A and B, we start flying

Bhakasana A: I try to stretch the arms and I try to bring the heels closer to the body. A perfect exit from this pose would be via handstand. For this variation I definitely need stronger arms. Bhhakasana is a balancing pose. The fingers can support to balance. Engaging the bandhas, gazing at a point, an even breath are tools that help to remain in that pose.

Bhakasana B: Here it gets exciting. One shall float or fly into that pose from downward dog. The vinyasa is more challenging again than the pose itself. I do variations agains the wall. I jump against the wall and try to move down the body, controlled and bring my knees towards my elbows. So far it is in vain. But the exercise to jump high with both feet at the same time improved my jumping through. It surely improves the body feeling. It will still take a few years till I'll be able to fly into this pose.

Second series develops the upper body. Strong arms are needed for many poses, also for bhakasana. To bring the heels as high as possible requires hip muscles.

Buh is my practice time-consuming. Not alone because of the practice itself, but because of all the activities around it: showering, washing clothes, commuting, blogging. Today I wanted to sit for 10 min as I feel a nervous ground feeling. I wanted to observe the thoughts coming and going like clouds and sunshine, rain and wind. But I feel so much time pressure that I postpone it.
Inhaling, exhaling. Shall a bath relax me and than I'll have to hurry, the to do list is so long.

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