Friday, July 01, 2011

Baddha konasana A, B und C

A subscriber of my Youtube videos asked for this video (since last year). Finally it's ready. 

I don't want to talk about the technique, it must improve. 

Nevertheless this video can serve for an analysis: 
- In the book "Ashtanga yoga" by Lino Miele only baddha konasana A and C are mentioned. In my little video I practiced A, B and C. One goes directly from A to B without coming up between the poses. Moving from A to B needs to be done slowly. It may last for one exhale. So it is with coming up after baddha konasana B, it should last as long as one inhaling lasts. 
- I lower slowly into chaturanga dandasana. I can only recommend it as it builds strength in the arms, that is needed later in second series, but also in primary. Some yogis almost plop on the floor. In the last second they stop the body from falling on the floor. How one can match the breath with the movement if one practices that way I don't know. I lower slowly. 
- Jumping forward improved, I still touched the floor. The movement is still not under control. What I see is that I can jump higher before swinging through the arms. 
- The vinyasa is: jump forward and take position. This all is done in one breath. I often took more breaths. I often jumped through with an inhaling. Then I sat on the floor and exhaled. I stretched the body with the next inhaling and then I bowed forward and stretched the chin to the floor. This is not as it is supposed to be. Jumping through and taking position shall be done in one breath only. I think this is important but neglected. 
- To hold the pose is relatively easy for me. It's a core asana, many struggle with this pose. Great that there are poses that are easy for me. :)
- Jumping backward improved, too. Nevertheless I wonder why I had to change my position when I prepared for picking up my body. These are these little movements that occur all the time, but they are a waste of energy. Energy manifests uncontrolled. 

Taking the details into consideration is in my opinion a sign of advancing a bit. The details are important. 


Jessica Young said...

Thanks for the video. You have a really beautiful practice!

Ursula said...

Oh very welcome Jessica.
Thanks for reading and watching. :)

Anonymous said...


This was wonderful! My practice has is slowly advancing...

Thank you so much for sharing.


MikBlogger said...

This asana is very good for hip opening and forward bends. I will propose absolutely the same vinyasa you show off here tonight with one of my student.
You look so inspiriting for many of us !
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and you abilities to master all these poses.
Mike Paris .

Ursula said...

It's a pleasure for me, Mike Paris. Thank you for reading and commenting.

have a good time for the student and for you tonight. :)