Friday, July 15, 2011

Asanas in daily life

Another yoga week is over and it was a good one.

Upavishta konasana from the first Ashtanga series needs some special attention. When I read I sit in that position. The longer I read the deeper I can go in this position.

Why sitting on a chair with feet on the floor when the chair allows  to sit in padmasana?????


Sometimes not so much is to tell. It's about doing the practice, breathing, being attentive. Some asanas are always especially good, others challenge me.

Why was it so important for the old yogis to calm the mind, to focus on the breath, I wonder? Was it because they realized it's an illusion what we think and feel? If it's an illusion only and does not reflect what really is, why to give it so much meaning and attention then, they might have thought? What we can see, feel, hear, taste is only a map of the world, not the world itself, how Mr Bandler (NLP) described it. Make your map more colorful, add music, movement, he suggested......

Feelings arise.
Thoughts arise.
They come and go.
Do I still remember what I thought and felt yesterday? It's difficult to remember. I could look into my journal. It's past already.

I observe my thoughts and feelings and think: Oh, so it looks like when I'm tired, or angry, or impatient, or content or happy. Interesting, interesting. Then I move on.......nothing can be catched.

Friday is our day out. It will be a Thai restaurant probably, if we get a seat. I'm looking forward to it.....:)

Plans for tomorrow exist, too. I want to do the moon sequence created my Matthew Sweeney. It's a soft practice that lasts 1 hour. Oh.


denise said...

It's always a pleasure to read you. Little things make me think and make me better, more awareness.
I wish you a good weekend. By the way, I love too thai food. Ciao!

Ursula said...

Thank you Denise.....:)

Have a good weekend, too.

Dr. D. said...

Thanks for sharing. The breath is essential. Acceptance of your body and easing into the poses and allowing the body to transform is an important practice in yoga.

Ursula said...

Thank you for commenting Dr. D., so true.