Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ardha matsyendrasana, another twist....

Life has so many distractions. I get reminded how important it is to focus. Focus intensifies life. It helps that things get done. It's easier  to get results when I focus. A trick is to limit the time that is dedicated to an activity. Wow, this speeds up all activities. :)

To understand google+ takes some time. But now is enough. Time to practice. The cleaning woman were here already. Nobody will disturb me anymore.

Hours later: No practice happened. Instead I walked around in that little town in Austria. The sun was shining and the day became a shopping day. I also found a very romantic Italian restaurant where I want to go with my E on one of the next evenings.
I feared my practice would be as awful as it was the last two days. It's not that I feared that my asanas weren't great enough, but sometimes there is such an uneasiness in the body, in the joints. Not that it really hurts, but it's not pleasant either. It's so difficult to describe. I don't know what it is, often I blame wrong nourishment for this. I tried to avoid this feeling today. I was not in the mood to be a hero and to practice anyway.
Sometimes it's better to do a soft practice than nothing at all. It's also in yoga not all or nothing. I hope I remember this the next time. The moon sequence by Sweeney would have been appropriate.
Now I feel better, I stretched the body and I even feel like moving and practicing, but the time is too short till dinner.

My twist picture is up already. So what.

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