Thursday, June 09, 2011

What I learn from the karate kids.

What can be seen on the picture is my new strap that I found here. The karate kids also need to do splits in their practices. A company has invented a strap that helps to learn side splits safely. It's even patented since this year.

Quick repetition: The body stretches when we relax. This is one reason why yoginis engage muscles when they stretch. It's even recommended to relax the face, to smile slightly, when we want to stretch to underline the message: The body is protected and safe now, I can stretch.

The strap gives stability, this gives safety and slowly one can slide a bit deeper into the side split. The hands that hold one end of the strap can give length to the strap. Brrhhhh, is this difficult to explain, but it works. I hope the picture explains what my words cannot describe.

Sooner or later we all want to learn the splits. :) This tool helps for sure. It's worth the 39,-- Euro including shipping costs. (I get no commission, hahahaha).

Of course it is important to warm up before using this strap. I'll integrate practicing the splits in my practices at   home. I think it fits after supta hasta padangusthana. This is also when I practice forward split already.

Time to step on my mat: Primary is on the schedule. I will give extra attention to the vinyasas.

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