Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Vinyasa count

Yesterday night I practiced the moon sequence created by Matthew Sweeney and this morning I went to a Mysore class to practice second series. More yoga would be too much. The moon sequence lasts 1 hour, second series lasts 2 hours. :)

The moon sequence has very interesting poses that supports the asanas from primary. And it's a calm practice. I love it.
I just thought that I could take some pictures again from the middle part of second series. I mean one after the other starting with pashasana, then krounchasana and so on. Dwi pada sirsasana was not possible today. It's still a pose that is volatile.

I dawdle a lot when I practice second series. I need so much time to get into an asana.

It's Wednesday evening here and tomorrow is a day off. The weather doesn't invite me to go out, it's cold and rainy.

Not much is to write. This happens, too from time to time.

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Jules said...

I love reading your blog thank you. It is a great inspiration for my daily ashtanga first series practise. Namaste.