Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twists open the shoulders, too

Twists open the shoulders, too. When doing twists one shoulder moves forward the other backward. The shoulder that moves backward opens finally. Twists turn the spine, the chest remains open. Back muscles can be engaged and can support the process. To lengthen the body seems important to me.

Most poses look  so easy, but when I practice them I realize how challenging they are.

Am I happy that I can live again according to my own rhythm. I can practiced as long as I like, it will be 2 hours probably in a Mysore class today. I so enjoy it, this is pure luxury.

The shock experience 2 days ago, the 5 hours spent as an accountant in a company showed me again that I don't want to spend my life in such an atmosphere again. I want to fly on my own. The challenge for the time being is that I don't know the outcome of my activities, writing this book that is in my mind for 3 years already. I'll be able to live with this insecurity. Simply writing it is what needs to be done NOW.

Time and yoga: All my planning how to organize my life filled with yoga and a job in a company was redundant, but it made something clear to me. My yoga practice is even more time-consuming as I thought it would be. I lied to myself: commuting time is not 30 min one way, but 45 min. I've to add the time I need to change my clothes. I must shower, I blog about my yoga. I don't want to give this up. This all makes my passion for this yogic life style time consuming.
The consequence is that I really must take care where my time goes. My time management must improve. It has already, but there is still potential. I will make it a topic here, as I think most Ashtanga yoga practitioner face the issue, that it can be a challenge to be a committed yogini/yogi and to follow other interests and needs, too.


Anonymous said...

You are finding that when we give in totally to what fills us deeply, other things begin to become less important.

In a perfect world, yoga can be the only thing you will do, but unfortunately, we do not live in time management is a skill that must be honed well and practice daily.

Thank you for this Ursula, I am battling the issue here. I am a wife, a mother of three, and my time is pulled in many different directions. So yes, I have to manage the gift of time - better.


Ursula said...

I have great respect for woman with a job and children and a yoga practice.

Times have changed, we have much more distractions than decades ago. This must be faced.

It will be a topic here.

Have a relaxed evening.

Brisbane Osteopath said...

That is such a good stretch for my shouders. Thanks for posting the photo, really helps.


Brisbane Osteopath said...

Great stretch; my shoulders really felt that one! Photo hepls too thank you...