Monday, June 20, 2011

Sore legs!

Sore legs!!!
I cannot remember anymore when I had sore legs the last time. I blame laghu vajrasana for my sore legs. I worked on that pose yesterday. As it was impossible to come up when my head was on the floor. M recommended to put a block under my head. This helps. I can even remain there for a few breaths and then come up (not down and up, this is somehow easier). Nevertheless, this challenges me. A lot. It seems as if I really fought yesterday. It's so good to experience that it's possible to come back on the knees. The hands support the movement. They hold the ankles and press them down and the hips forward.

This will be a funny practice in the Mysore class this morning. Haha.

PS: It's possible to use 2 blocks or 3 blocks. It helps to come up - this helps to understand the movement. 


Yoga Bee said...

I find it helpful to think about the hips moving forward. This keeps the legs active and makes coming up easier.

Ursula said...

A good idea. I will definitely try this. My experience is also that the right thoughts have an influence how an asana is performed.

Forward, I'll think next time. Forward, forward.

Have a nice evening. :)