Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shoulders and back bending

You guess it already. Shoulders are an evening filling topic. Never touch this topic when out with me, except you like to talk about it for hours.

A reader asked me about a shoulder opening routine and shoulder opening asanas.
Here is shoulder opening post1 and here post2.

Also the back bending asanas intend to open the shoulders. It's not only about opening the shoulders, also the front and the back of the body become more flexible.

My shoulder opening example is ustrasana: This pose is not only about reaching the feet with the hands and to stretch the hips forward. In addition the legs are active, the shin bones and feet press into the floor. The little toe goes towards the floor, too. With the hands this can supported. Press your hands against the inner sides of the soles and move them outwards. The feet show resistance. When doing so the shoulder blades move to each other, the chest opens and the shoulders gain flexibility. Doing this consciously fastens the progress......

Not only ustrasana, but all the back bending asanas open the chest, enlarge the flexibility of the shoulders and make the back flexible.

Another good example is urdhva dhanurasana. Press your feet against the floor. The weight of the body shall be on the hands and feet equally. Shoulder and chest open.

Shift your awareness from the hips and strong legs to the shoulders next time when you practice back bending asanas. This deepens this movement. The mind can help, too.



Tui said...

pretty photo ursula :-) you look very "spring"

dtw said...

Thank you so much for your advice on opening the shoulders, it has been a great help to me and your blog is an inspiration for my own practice. I have another question: currently, I can perform Eka Pada Sirsasana, but I have to hold my leg behind with both hands (more comfortable on my right hand side - such is life), but do you have any tips on how to progress the asana so that the foot stays there without me holding? Any tips would be great. Keep up the good work.


Ursula said...

Thanks a lot, Tui.

@dtw: I found out a lot lately about eda pada sirsasana. Give me some time, I'll dedicate a post to it.

Much fun.