Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primary with Maria Villella

I carried my PC to my yoga place and put it on the TV. I wanted to practice primary with the online DVD of Maria Villella. From time to time I had to move the cursor to see her practicing with me, but this didn't interupt my practice.

She counted me through 5 surya namaskara As and 5 surya namaskara Bs!
Urdhva dhanursasana was counted 3 times for 5 breaths. But she added also dropping back 3 times.

Within 1 hour and 14 min it was over. This is even faster than the CD by Sharath.

I hesitate before doing the vinyasas and I need too much time to get into an asana. This break gives room for thinking like: OMG now this challenging asana or hopefully my feet won't touch the floor and so on.

Marichyasana C: I saw that her arm was much higher behind her back than mine is usually. This might help to reach the wrist easier (and faster). This I'll try next time. When the hand has reached the wrist one can pull the arms down.

The highlight was that I managed it to get into supta kurmasana via dwi pada sirsasana. I realized how she lowered to the floor. The elbows show backwards not sidewards. In order to reach the fingers behind the back it makes sense to stretch the crossed legs forward. I could do it today and I was happy about it. This is fantastic!!!! considering the speed in which I had to do it.

"Pick it up", she uses to say. It means to lift up the body to prepare it to swing it through the arms into chaturanga dandasana.

It was challenging. I sweated. From time to time I checked if Maria was sweating, too. Not a bit. At the end she looked as fresh as in the beginning. Oh, oh. :)

Yes I recommend the DVD by Maria Villella very much.

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i love yoga!