Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primary today.....and a girl needs cash.

Primary is on the schedule today.
I bought an online DVD by Maria Villella. It's a perfect DVD as she doesn't talk too much, she simply leads through the series. Less is more. I bought this DVD as I wanted to study the vinyasas. It can also serve as a led class. I want to test it today at least till the end of the standing poses. Then I prefer to do full vinyasa.
This could really be an idea for one of the Ashtanga gurus: producing a primary CD with full vinyasas (no explanations, simply counting!!!!).

When I practice at home it's different than when I practice in Mysore classes. In classes I stick to the series and practice it comme il faut.
At home my practice transforms to a learning adventure: 
I add asanas (leg behind the head before supta kurmasana, split poses, handstands).
I repeat asanas like upavishta konasana.

I'm looking forward to my practice today.

I feel calmer today. My life will change again dramatically. I got a job offer as an accountant. It fell into my lap so to say. So many of my criteria are fulfilled I had to say "yes": It's downtown and a branch that I like. I'll work 30 hours "only" and I can decide when this will be. This will allow me to go to the Mysore classes as usual.
I don't know if my "decision" is a good one. Who ever knows this. It's also not so much a decision than going with the flow, showing no resistance. It's more saying yes to what is offered on a silver plate.
This job will also allow me to work on my book project. My life will surely intensify again.
A girl needs cash. I've no choice. Life happens.

My efforts will focus on making my life simpler and simpler. Less is more. This is true almost always.
I'm still working on being better organised.
My first working day will be the Monday, after the Mysore class......hahahaha. What shall I dress????

It was an exciting day yesterday for sure. I will need energy and I have it.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I dedicated my practice to you - sending you positive energies (regarding extreme change) and my practice was one of the best.. The breath was there consistently, flexibility happened, stamina with intense sweating was great, binding happened and arm balance pose (crow) was my best ever. Morale of the story - I need to dedicate my practice to you more often(wink). Also what was most wonderful was the company I was in - my son's girlfriend of 11 years was there with her Mom (whom I adore). A yoga practice is utterly amazing when you are in the company of those you love deeply.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Debra. I'm very happy that your practice was excellent. I feel it, energy and a cool mind are needed in the close future. Nothing lasts forever...:)

The yoga community is growing, how wonderful......:)

dtw said...

Hi Ursula. Keep up the good work, what a great blog. As an ashtangi who hasn't been practicing that long, it's great motivation to see how you have developed and progressed. Due to the fact of no ashtanga classes where I live, I find my blog and twitter account is great to develop my own practice with advice and tips. I recently started to include Matthew Sweeney's Moon Sequence and I completely agree with you and how it compliments ashtanga. Do you know of any sequences that will help with my shoulder flexibility?