Saturday, June 18, 2011

On learning a new series.....

I wanted to learn a sequence of asanas for the calmer days in my life. The fire sequence created by Matthew Sweeney was in my mind. I wanted to practice it this evening. The open book (huge one) was already on my sofa. But that's it already. It's not possible to practice a sequence from one day to the other. It can only be learned step by step. I got a feeling of the fire sequence tonight, it's challenging, oh yes. Pose by pose I'll approach it next time - on the calmer days, my Asthanga free days. The Ashtanga method is a good approach here, too: It makes sense to learn (and remember) one asana after the next till the creation is complete. It makes no sense to hurry, it makes no sense to be overzealous. I know this already.

The asanas looked all so easy on the pictures. They aren't easy.
The poses of the sequence look so beautifully, I want to learn them. They support the Ashtanga series, they work so to say from the background.

It's better to feel greedy than to feel overwhelmed because it's too much to digest.

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