Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mysore class this morning, second series.

On the picture parsvottanasana D can be seen. The variations of asanas are endless. With the arms behind the back they serve as a lever and they help to keep the back straight. It's an intensive asanas. Practice with awareness (to avoid injuries).

My schedule on a regular week: 
Mo: Mysore class - second series
Tue: home practice - second series
Wed: Mysore class - second series
Thurs: home practice - primary
Fri: Mysore class - second series
Sat: a day off or moon sequence
Sun: led primary

Twice a week I practice primary now. My idea is to repeat those asanas of primary at home that need more attention like upavistha konasana. The vinyasas need extra time and exercise, too.

Lately I made very good experiences with repetitions. It's amazing how much better an asana is when I do it the sixth time. Taking picture forced me to repeat an asana again and again. Each time it was easier and better. Suddenly I could be in an asana with one breath only, come il faut.

Yeah, to have so much time for the things I love to do I call luxury.

The sun is shining. Big smile.
Time to move on.


Quentin said...

June 15 is full Moon. Are you visiting an Ashtanga Studio? Headquarters in India recommends observing Moon Days. Hope you had fun and are avoiding injury.


Ursula said...

On grimmly's blog I read once that he were too old to take breaks. This is true for me, too. All is best here.