Saturday, June 11, 2011

The moon sequence on my yoga free day.

I practiced the moon sequence created by Matthew Sweeney. It's a modest practice in comparison to a classic Ashtanga series as it is shorter and the vinyasas are omitted. Despite this it has it's challenges. Afterwards I feel that I've done something for the flexibility of my hips.

Simply to go from asana to asana has also calming effect.

I still have the book on my sofa. Soon I'll know the sequence by heart, then I'll learn the fire sequence.

Mind and body influence each other. I usually feel excellent after a practice. When I manage it to have a focused mind my practice is better, too. Together we're strong. This is true for the body and the mind.

I feel ready now for my little trip to my parents where I'll meet my bf. 

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