Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday - fine-tuning

Monday: Pictures how I want to spend my Monday became clearer during the last days. I need a shower after a sweaty yoga practice and before working. I don't want to put a wet towel on a hanger at work because I showered at the shala and I cannot leave my towel in the handbag. This would be impossible. I also don't want to gobble down anything in a restaurant and brush my teeth there in the restroom four times a week. I want to eat something healthy and I need something. To be without food the entire day is not possible for me.

I need to go home after yoga to shower, to eat something,to brush my teeth and  to dress differently.

This means my practice must be done within 90 min not 2 hours. Yep. I must compromise. I must be at the shala at 9am before our teacher arrives. Quickly I must change clothes. No dawdling, not too much chatting, I must step on my mat and I must start with the sun salutations as fast as possible. I'll bring an alarm clock with me. I want to avoid that I look every 5 min at the clock there. A bit more than 2 hours I'll have for commuting, changing clothes, eating, showering. I hope I won't feel like speedy Gonzales. I must test if it works before I can say more. Important is that I'll be on time today, my first working day.

Yoga: I felt weak yesterday at the led class, very weak. Perhaps my body was still dehydrated from the intensive sauna session. This can be.
Today second series. Breath by breath......:)

Hahaha, just changed my mind: I'll practice at home. I don't want to have a hectic first day. I need to know how much time it takes to get to the office. I want to prepare myself a bit more. The first day at a new company is always an exception. I want to have a relaxed first day.


Nikkole said...

Good luck on your first day!

Ursula said...

Thank you very much!