Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here is the history of this asana. Between the first picture and this picture are more than one and a half years!!!
Mayurasana is one of the poses I thought I'd never be able to do. It's a men's pose was my conviction. This might be true, but women can do it, too.

Once I saw a Youtube movie of a woman, 80 years old doing this pose. I was amazed. It must be possible I thought.

Often I only imagined this pose. I was on my mat put my hands in position and this was it. And then came the moment and I could balance for a fracture of a second. This made me optimistic again, very optimistic. I tried again and failed again and again and again.
For quick 3 breaths I can hold this pose now. I wobble, I don't care. I'm sure now also this pose will improve.

The trick is: Tthe hands must really press into the floor. The elbows should be kept together. The weight of the body moves forward. Abdomen must be engaged. The back is rounded, nevertheless I try to open the chest. This movements in different directions must give stability.
Strength is needed for sure.
Mayurasana is a balancing pose. 


Grimmly said...

Nice job Ursula, quite something to hold this one even for a couple of quick breaths, not sure the refining ever stops on this posture, its always work. I find it hard because I practice without a shirt and am really sweaty by the time it comes up, have to really dig the elbows in but then perhaps that's why it's in the HYP, thought to stimulate the internal organs and all that. Nice to get rid of the blocks : )

Ursula said...

Yes, the sweat is an additional challenge. :)

We're on a journey that never ends...

Arturo said...


Ursula said...

Thank you, Arturo.

mayura said...

Nice job, basically this excercise is not recommended for women. Actually I only saw a few who did it properly. Check my blog, I'm focusing on mayurasana: