Friday, June 17, 2011


Sometimes when I'm distracted off the mat, my yoga practice is especially intensive.
Today is Friday and I practiced second series in the Mysore class. I feared it would be lousy as it is the end of the week and it could have been that the body needed it a bit more relaxing. But it was not so. My practice was very focused. I was strong. It's a good strategy to practice 4 times second series and twice primary.

Back bending: It helps to bring the shoulder blades together. This opens the chest and intensifies the poses. It also helps to become aware of the body parts that are on the floor. They are the fundament of the pose and give stability. Stability allows to go deeper into a pose. Practicing ustrasana it's the shin bones that are on the floor and build stability. Practicing urdhvha dhanurasana it's the feet that give stability and the active legs of course.

This Ashtanga yoga practice makes me happy. It gives me the power, energy and will to reorganize my whole life. I'm better organized already than half a year ago. I'm fine-tuning now, it seems so. After a prolific day often a not so prolific days follows. I have to accept this. Important is to go on. I will. I've no choice either.

Ah, I admit it, I checked the google followers here on my blog the last days. I was waiting for no 400. And today someone new has joined. Thank you for reading my blog. :)
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