Thursday, June 02, 2011

I'm learning from my pictures.....

I can only recommend it: take pictures of yourself practicing asanas.
Lately I invested in a timer (100 Euro only). I can set now the time when the camera is supposed to take the picture. I give me 45 sec and this is more than enough to relax into a pose.

It's amazing, the poses feel often so intensive and correct. When I look at the pictures I see that my back is rounded or that the shoulders are not parallel. The pictures help me to adjust myself, they show me the direction I want to go.

Taking pictures spoil a practice, for sure. From time to time it's good to practice only, without taking pictures, to let something develop.

My photo session today told me that primary will keep me still busy for some time. Focus will be my hips. Deep inhaling and keeping the chest open while forward bending is what I will exercise.

In one of my last practices I realized that I can balance handstand with the gaze of my eyes. Gazing in the right direction also helps to adjust the poses. This is fine-tuning of course. When I bend forward, I also look forward and not downwards. (Exceptions exist.)

Yep, I learn from my pictures a lot.

Shall I be content. I am. 

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Quentin said...

Thanks, we are learning too.