Friday, June 10, 2011

If you lack motivation...

.....then practice in the evening. It was late yesterday when I started my practice. Wow, this was great finally. The body was so flexible. One highlight chased the other. I managed it to get into supta kurmasana via dwi pada sirsasana. The secret really is to lengthen the body, to press the hooked feet against each other and to push them upwards to the ceiling. Bandhas are supposed to be engaged. I still have to work on how to go down. Where to place the hands, how to bend the elbows. I want to have a soft landing for my head.
As always I added eka pada sirsasana and my leg remained where it is supposed to be, without holding it. Ah, it was great. 

Jumping through was not so good, as my wrists still hurt. A lot. For my body it's very important to be consequent and not to eat milk products at all. This arthritic attack on my joints doesn't please me at all.

It's possible to find restaurants, where the food is healthy. The salads, vegetables with bulgur were very delicious (and vegan). This cost me 5,80 Euro. Impossible to prepare the same variety with the same price at home.

Today I'll practice second series. I'm looking forward to it, eve though I expect a more modest practice, because it's always so that it goes up and down. 

It's Friday and I'll be out of town during the weekend. I'll see my parents. 

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