Monday, June 06, 2011

I try to remember......

I think it was a hard practice. My joints hurt, the wrists. I know how to focus on the breath and for a while the pain disappeared. A bit of pain is part of the game, it's part of every game. I know it will go away. Soon.
Each time when I practice second series I discuss with myself to omit the headstands. I practiced them and they become easier each time I do them. It can be that I don't use the blanket anymore next time. Nevertheless likes and dislikes are always present. I don't give it too much meaning.

M gave me a new schedule. Four times second series and 2 times primary. I'll stick to it. His advice is always best. My additional vinyasa exercises are not part of a series. I think it makes sense to practice more second series. I don't think that I can do primary, no, not at all. Nevertheless.........stillstand does not exist.

I wrote chapter 11 of my book today. Yep, this is done. To have this group helps me enormously to write at least anything. As always: a bad chapter is better than no chapter at all. A lousy practice is better than no practice at all.

It's evening, I think: no. Please, I need more time. 

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