Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to open the shoulders.....

If I know a yoga routine that opens the shoulders I was asked lately in a comment.

The pictures show how one can use the arms as a lever. The shoulder open and one can go deeper in a forward bending asana. To consider is that it's important to bring the shoulders down and than backwards. The arms help, but also the imagination to open the chest AND to bring the shoulder blades together. Use the strong back muscles consciously.
A lever is always very powerful. Apply it with care. I overstretched my hamstrings once with such shoulder opening poses.

I've also seen yogis using a strap for some exercises. They held a strap in their hands over the head and brought the stretched arms  to their back over the head.


I'm fully recovered from my job adventure of yesterday. I slept very well.
Focus shall be my book again.
Money will come in again.
I must believe in myself and my abilities to live as a free bird.....:)

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