Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to focus....

For many activities I use my pomodoro. It's a timer that looks like a tomato. I can set 25 min and after these 25 min it rings. It's time for a little break of 5 min. Then the play can start again. To have a clear start and a clear end intensifies my work.  I use this timer when I'm working on my book, when I'm reading and when I'm doing housework. I wondered how I can apply this technique to my yoga practice.

In August and September I'll be on my own again. No classes will take place. I'll be confronted with myself again. What will help me to have satisfying practices, I wonder. I will set a time, for sure. It must be clear when I begin and I'll set a time when it shall be over. Two hours without relaxation shall really be enough. Knowing that time is limited shall eliminate all the dawdling and distractions.

This morning I practiced the surya namaskaras and the standing sequence on the grass. The grass was so soft like a carpet. I didn't slide. It was a most simple practice even without a mat. Soon neighbor's cat arrived and relaxed in my shadow. I caressed this little black monster. Soon she was distracted by a butterfly. This cat has no focus. :) Purring cat I call her. "My purring cat you're a black monster," I told her. She didn't care. Ah, life is good for this cat. For me, too. 

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