Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good routines, bad routines and doing something differently

Human beings are creatures of habits. Quickly we establish routines, most of them are unconscious. As yoginis and yogis we've favorite places in the changing room and in the shala, too. We all have eating habits. For others our behavior is predictable. Routines makes life easier. To make decisions is not necessary anymore. The body acts as usual, we can do anything, while thinking of something  else.

Some time ago I started drinking water in the morning with my black coffee. I don't want to miss this little habit anymore.
It surely makes sense to go through our routines from time to time. We all have routines, good ones and not so good ones. I'm sure.

My new job starting on Monday, messes up many of my routines (not all). I feel reluctance, even though I think it's not that bad to earn some money. However. Also when it's not YET with my book.
Make it a routine to step out of your daily treadmill, also when this treadmill is liked, I thought. 
The idea came up to go to a sauna where I've not yet been: The Olympic sauna came into my mind. I searched the web for the opening hours. It's open every day till 11pm. Wow. How to get there, I thought and I couldn't find the directions. I was close to give up. Finally I found it and I saw that I could use the tram a few steps away from my home and within 5 stations I'd be there. I packed my bag: towel, my red bath robe, a book, my glasses and one of E's hotel shampoos. Done. Quickly I left the house in order not to change my mind anymore and to stay at home. The tram arrived and soon I had to get off, but the Olympic stadium was still far away, I got lost. I asked a Ricksha driver for the way and he offered me to take me to the hall. We've bicycle Ricksha drivers here, too, ha. "It reminds me of India", I told the young man. Ah this was funny to sit comfortably in front of this bicycle feeling the wind in the face. And then I was there.

All my worrying thoughts were blown away as soon as I entered the huge Olympic halls. It was as if vacation has started. I stepped into a little paradise.

The sauna area is new there. First I tested the inspiration sauna. A smell of rhubarb-apple was in that sauna, a bit artificial for my taste. I was alone there and enjoyed it. 15 min I remained there and sweated. I relaxed for some time afterwards. The next sauna that I tried was called sanaro. It was not really hot, but one could hear a water fall  and birds singing. :) Very nice, very relaxing, but I want it hotter. After a while I left this sauna and tried the fitness sauna. There were the men sitting. Wow here it was 100° Celsius and I sweated like never. Water was running down my body. 10 min were enough. This hot room became my favorite one. I sweated there a second time. I was only body, thinking is not possible anymore in such a hot room.

I found an easier way to get home. It was already 9pm by then. Redundant to say that I felt excellent.At home I drank water, I was so thirsty and I had strawberries at home. I cut them and put a vanilla soy pudding on it.

It needn't to be yoga every day to do something  good for the body. My sleep was deep and relaxing.

Btw: Swimming and yoga fits best together.

A friend and daily reader of my blog asked me to publish again a salad on my blog. Shall her wish be fulfilled quickly: 

It's a potato salad (good carbohydrates) with arugula on top and cocktail tomatoes around that I had in a restaurant.


Tui said...

I'm so pleased for you that you discovered a local sauna paradise. Swim & Sauna is my Wednesday treat - it is true bliss :-) Strawberries to follow sounds lovely!

Ursula said...

I love to go to saunas. It's exhausting even though I do nothing but sweating. :) I still feel so relaxed. Simply fantastic.

Next time I'll also swim.

tohi said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. So true about routines,the good ones need to be kept, but then again we need to leave room for adventures which adds more to our lifes but healthy routine are something we all need to work on , at least I do and you blog is so encoraging. thanks. Have a great week , Tohi aka Tink

C.K. said...

Is this the same stadium where Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in the '72 Olympics (also when the massacre of Israeli atheletes occurred)?

Ursula said...

Exactly. There was Mark Spitz. The only name I remember.
You remember very well.......the massacre happened there, too in that area.

But this is the swimming pool where Mark swam.....hahahaha.