Friday, June 24, 2011

Gomukhasana A

Picture: Gomukhasana A and B are balancing poses. Gomukhasana A has the nose as drishti. When practicing Gomukhasana B one has to look upwards. Front is not frowned....:)

Mysore class was excellent. I looked at my watch. I NEED 2 hours. I don't want to hurry through the sequence. This doesn't fit to yoga. There are fast practices and slow practices. They are both challenging only different challenging. But to hurry through a practice is something else. It's a contradiction to what yoga aims at. Yoga aims at relaxing the body and the mind. (This is only one good point and effect of yoga). From next week on I've to leave the shala fast. Two hours are between my saying "Thank you" at the end of my practice when I'm in samasthitih and the beginning of my accounting job.

2 hours: I crossed already out what I could cross out.
No gossiping anymore in the changing room. Ah, difficult.
I also won't shower, I simply don't smell bad. I'll dress every day new clothes and I'm showered in the morning, I use a deo and expensive parfumes, this shall be enough.

I need to eat.
I want to brush my teeth after that.
And I've to commute.

This is now the question how to organise it as it would be too time-consuming to stop at my home. It's out of question to eat a self-made sandwich in the subway. I want to keep up a bit of style. Oh, oh, I must find a solution. Perhpas I should measure the time that I need get there.

Yep, yoga influences my entire life. In order to manage it to have my daily dose of Ashtanga yoga I need to develop excellent management skills. My Ashtanga yoga is not a quick thing round the corner, it's my passion and time consuming. I love it. I always had time for the important things in my life. Always. And I have it till now.

Oh, I'm excited. Now where I've said "yes", I want to make a success out of it for both sides (for the company and myself).

Often people say that they have no time to do some sports or yoga. My suggestion: Start small with 15 minutes a day and let it grow. It's possible. Health must be one of the priorities in life. My friends who've nothing else to tell but about her illnesses become more and mainly the illnesses are caused through an unhealthy life style.
Find a healthy passion. It can happen that the entire life becomes a passion as this is contagious. Being passionate is an attitude.

Oh, yes, this change in my life, starting working outside my home again needs energy. I feel I have it. Perhaps it's also only the excitement that I feel. I don't know.

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