Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The door frame, my friend.

I saw this trick in the book "Cool yoga tricks" a few days ago. The authors recommend to walk the feet closer and closer to a wall (in my case the wall was a door frame). The door frame helps to keep the back straight. Also the neck can relax and is in line with the back. I'll do this exercise more often.It felt good. It's an adjustment that one can give oneself.

And then the nightmare started. I wanted to take some more pictures. From one second to the next my self-timer didn't work anymore. Again and again I did pashasana. Nothing. The camera didn't start. I tried it again, checked my camera, the timer. I couldn't find out what it is. Hours went by.
I made the experience that repetition really helps to go deeper into a pose. First pashasana was rather difficult today. After the 6th time I was very deep in that pose. What an epoch making insight!

Now my body has cooled down again. I'm not flexible anymore. A few sun salutations were necessary to make me flexible again. In the meantime it's after 12:12. What to do now? I don't know. I curse (silently).

It's part of it: the technique. I must learn more about the technical aspects of my timer and my camera. This is so important.  


Grimmly said...

I like the doorframe idea, must try that but just had lunch. Re photos, just film it with my compact then take a screenshot later. Quality is not as good though unless you video it in HD.

Ursula said...

Thanks for the idea.
The issue is, how to take a screenshot? Can I do this on youtube? Do I need special software?

Lately I filmed kapotasana, HD quality. I couldn't upload this minute, as it would have taken 5 hours. Today I looked for an option to film with worse quality.

Grimmly said...

On my compact camera Ursula, when you play the video back on the camera if you pause it where you want the shot there's usually an option. On my new camera there's a little button on the screen but on my old one I just pressed the usual camera picture taking button and it took a screen shot of the frame i was looking at.

VLC is a nice free software. You can open most videos in it and then you can pause the vide and there's an option in the dropdown box to take a snapshot. i used this a lot when I was trying to work out the jump back and karandavasana.

On your camera there should be an SD as well as HD option, go for thte SD. I tend to use quicktime pro to export my movies for the lies of Youtube and blogger, only takes a few minutes to upload.

Miriyana Mariit said...

I like that idea, but isn't that rather useful if you're advanced and can bend deeper down (as I can so far)?

Ursula said...

Try it and you shall see. I think it's good for everybody.

Be adventurous. :)

Miriyana Mariit said...

Hey, it works :))

Ursula said...

:) I'm glad....enjoy.

Miriyana Mariit said...

and ...eh...do you have any suggestions how to work on kind of that: http://my-asanas.blogspot.com/search/label/Urdhva%20mukha%20svanasana
(for the "Sonnengruß") with a hurting wrist? (I didn't broke anything)

Ursula said...

Your leg muscles and your abdomen are supposed to be active. This should protect your hips. Really engage your muscles. There is supposed to be a distance between floor and thigh.

Simply try it. :)