Sunday, June 19, 2011


If I weren't so convinced that the moon sequence by Matthew Sweeney is a perfect complement to my Ashtanga series, I wouldn't practice it. But I am convinced.

The series is without vinyasas, yet challenging. It lasts about 1 hour, herewith it's shorter than an Ashtanga series. It's a perfect series on moon days and yoga free days or on lazy days. Today it served as a preparation for the led class this afternoon.
The hips are the focus of the moon sequence mainly. It's a very balanced practice.

The pose on the picture is called eka hasta ustrasana B. It's one of the poses that challenge me. It can serve as a preparation for kapotasana.

For the rest of this year the moon sequence shall be enough. I won't even attempt to add the fire sequence by Matthew.

My body is ready for an intensive led class this late afternoon. It's still early. Fantastic. 


Bettina said...

I would like to learn the moon sequence too but haven't managed it so far. I guess it's perfect for hangover days too. ;) not that such days would ever exist in an Ashtangis life of course.

Ursula said...

Dear Bettina, this moon sequence was created for such days. They allow a perfect landing.....:)
Recover soon.

We had to postpone the Berch to next year. I'm somehow glad....:)