Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breathing, concentration and sweating

It's warm here in Germany now,  about 24° C (75,2 F). This is not too hot, but warm and the weather is dry. Nevertheless I sweat like never when I practice Ashtanga yoga. Pearls of sweat are running down my body here and there. My clothes are wet after each practice. I detoxed, I think. Sweating is part of the Ashtanga practice.

I sweat so much that my yoga mat becomes slippery. This has the consequence that my elbows drift apart when I practice pincha mayurasana. My feet slide away when I jump back or when I do the headstands at the end of second series. Suddenly I understood why the yogis and yoginis in India (where it was even hot and humid) put a blanket on their sticky mats after the standing poses. The blanket absorbs the sweat and this allows a safe practice. I'll try this.

Why do I sweat so much I wonder. I think it's because my breath is deeper than years ago and that I'm able to focus on the breath during my practice. My concentration improved. I don't forget the breath anymore like in my first years of practicing Ashtanga. I think this is the reason.

Picture: Laghu vajrasana can be seen. Good is that I have the correct dirsti. It's so seductive to look upwards when bending backwards. But the dristi is the third eye, between the eyebrows. This is in my opinion also a concentration challenge. It's still a challenge to come up from this pose. Once the head has touched the floor, my body becomes heavy like a van. M's suggestion is to use a block under my head and to come up from there for a while. I'll try this from now on. It's important to come up, I know this. I've to come up from kapotasana, too. Strength is needed, in the legs. Brrhhhhh, hahahaha. 


Janell said...

Hi Ursula,

I used to have the same problem with sweating and slipping on my mat, you should try yogitoes skidless. It's also washable. Here is a link to their website

Hope this helps your practice :)

Ursula said...

Thank you Janell, it's a good idea.

Much fun to you.