Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back bending asanas and the knees

20 sec. Ah. I will go downtown today to the photo shop. Shall they explain me again how to use the self-timer. I need more than 20 sec. I even risk injuries when I've to be that fast.

In all back bending asanas the knees are supposed to be close together, as close as possible. I was shocked when I saw my first pictures this morning. There was no closeness at all. This will surely be my focus next time. I will even use a strap. This must improve.

Again and again I get surprised about the difference how something feels and how it looks on a picture. Hahaha.

Repetition is the secret.

My joints hurt. I got the message: back to a strict vegan diet as quick as possible.

PS: I'm not sad, only focused....


Tracy said...

you do Not look sad...but you Do look like you are about 22 years old! True fact! xxx

Ursula said...

Oh Tracy, you make me smile....thx.