Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yoga flow class

Yesterday in the evening I went to a yoga flow class. It's more or less a led class with music.

I was amazed how many yoginis and yogis came. The room was crowded. All places were occupied. I expected a hot session and so it was. Soon the room was very humid, rain-forest climate. I sweated and I became bendy.

To practice something that is not my daily routine requires attention. Asanas that I do not practice were a challenge yesterday.

I saw some really bendy yoginis. Talents? Naturals? Yoga has challenges for everybody.

Concentration is my topic lately. To stay calm in a pose for several breaths is a concentration exercise. With the inhaling the body usually stretches, length is created, with the exhaling one moves deeper into a pose. This is surely a movement. The body isn't like a statue. But to look around, checking the body posture with the eyes  again and again, scratching, playing with the hair, trying another variation of an asana because the asana one is practicing is too challenging, is too much movement. Then the mind moves from laserlike focus to being distracted. It shall be the other way round.

The inner life manifests on the outside. The state of mind, the attitude can be seen. A book title comes into my mind: Moving into stillness. Erich Schiffman has written this book. This is the direction for sure. Focus is powerful, directed energy. Issues, distrations outside of oneself disappear. Intensity develps and this has beauty.

I've found a focus for my practice today: Staying  calm for the 5 breaths that I hold an asana usually.

Erich Schiffmann's book is a recommendation. Thanks for buying it via my blog.

Thank you M for this wonderful dolphin in the Indian ocean. :)


Flo said...

Erich's book was one of the many we were required to read for my teacher training. Along with Heat of Yoga (which I think you posted about in the past) I really adore Erich's book.

Ursula said...

It's an excellent book. I also love that he proves that one needn't to be super slim in order to be super flexible.

The book is full of wisdom.