Saturday, May 14, 2011

What gets attention grows....

What gets attention grows. If we don't give attention to anything it fades or diminishes or we even lose it.

My latest example: The landlord was here. My old fears arose that I'd lose my flat. The reason why she wanted to see the flat were of course not to use the flat for herself. In Germany it's very difficult to get rid of a tenant like me who lives in this flat for more than 15 years. In Germany is census of population, not everybody is questioned, but my landlord. She had to answer if in her property is a shower or a bath tub and she didn't know. She came with her son and was impressed how well I'm organised. Ohhhhhhhh.

She got my rent every month and she didn't care for anything. She didn't even make the annual accounting of the additional charges of a flat (water, current, heating and so on). Usually I had to pay something more as estimated. She neglected her own accounting and lost a few hundred Euros that way. In 2004 was my last rise of the rent. I forgot this last rise. It added up to a 4 figure sum. She will get it of course, so is the law.  It's not really a problem.

What I wanted to point out is that this is again an example how we can make anything grow simply by giving attention. Not giving any attention to anything often means that this object fades or diminishes.

This is true for so many things. When I give attention to positive thoughts they grow. When I move my attention to the breath it deepens and so on.........

Focusing on what we want makes sense. Simply given attention can already make a difference.

Party time for me tonight. I'm invited. Everybody shall prepare something. I mixed a salad. The palate buds of  the guests will explode when they taste all the good stuff that I put into the bowl. Only best ingredients were used. Yep, so am I. Hahahaha.

Happy Saturday......


Brian Sylvester said...


And a very happy Saturday to you as well!

Excellent and thought provoking post. Well done!


Ursula said...

Thank you Brian. :)

Anonymous said...

This post was very helpful to me this day. I have a close family member going through a stage of depression. I have been thinking a lot about what if this person has to be hospitalized for the depression, what if this or what if that... your blog has made me realize the 'what ifs' are only thoughts, not even possibilities at this point in time. I will now relax the thoughts and just be with the breathing. This is why I LOVE your blog. It is so much more than yoga talk. I see the evidence how the influence of all that yoga is can be applied to daily living and thinking.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb,

Me too, I'm often amazed how my experiences on the mat influence my daily life. For the better.

I'm so happy that I can inspire such wonderful people like you.