Monday, May 09, 2011

Vinyasa, details are important

Jumping forward through the arms with crossed legs is possible without touching the floor, also for me.

For years now I try to jump forward without touching the floor. In vain.

I engaged the bandhas. I learned how to balance on my hands. I inhaled when I jumped. I looked forward. Again and again one foot touched slightly the mat.

Then I saw a youtube video by Kino MacGregor. One has to look closely, but this is the difference.
When I jumped through by now, my ankles were together. The one leg put some weight on the other leg. When I keep the ankles apart from each other, one leg after the other swings forward. It's easier to keep the calves close to the upper leg and voilà. 

This tiny difference makes a difference. Test it and give me feed back.

Brrrhhhhhh, I hope I could explain it clearly.....

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Francisca said...

Dear Ursula,

Though I don't post comments very often, I realy appreciate your blog, not only because you talk about many aspects of Ashtanga practice that interest me but also because you are a good comunicator. Perhaps you could collect some your posts in a book… I'd buy one myself!
Have a nice day and thanks for these 5 minutes of entartainment you give me everyday.


Ursula said...

Thank you very much Francisca.

A friend of mine has recommended this too and I think I should do it.

Thanks for reading.